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under the summer sky

I camped under the summer sky in favorite Kujukogen Highlands.
It is the best place among the favorite mountains here.

P1010660.jpg Mt.Aso to see over there of a horse grazing grass.

P1010662.jpg Mt.Kuju where a cloud hangs on the mountaintop.

P1010681.jpg Mt.Sobo seen over the haze in the morning.

P1010671.jpg It cooked after a long time with a Dutch oven.
 Of course, I was able to cook delicious.

The return went along Yaba-kei Gorge.The Yamakuni River overflowed by a heavy rain of last month, and heavy damage was given. The beautiful red bridge of the cycling road which intended to go sometime was broken mercilessly. I pray for early revival all day long.

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